Chapelton Running Group

Chapelton Running Group (CRG) are a group of runners that meet every Wednesday evening at 6.30 for either a social run or a training session. 

See our Rules and Disclaimer below:

  •  Chapelton Running Group (“CRG”) offers an opportunity for like-minded runners to meet and exercise together in a group in a loosely structured format. Due to the nature of CRG, there are no fees payable.
  • CRG aim to meet every Wednesday evening at 6.30pm at the red phone box in Hume Square, Chapelton. Other sessions may also be organised/advertised by members of CRG on our social media pages – so keep your eyes peeled.
  • We aim to notify you of the session format a day in advance or each session on our social media pages.
  • Generally, in each session there will be a single or multiple nominated session leaders. This is a social running group. Nominated leaders for sessions are not trained or specifically qualified, are not necessarily first aid trained and are not responsible for the actions of others. The sole purpose of the nominated leaders is to set the direction and pace of the group that evening.The minimum age for a runner that we can accept is 18 (unless occupied by an adult).
  • We have a range of abilities in CRG. We suggest that when you start with us, you can run at least 1km comfortably without stopping.
  • If you have any medical conditions which may affect you, it is your responsibility to make the other runners in a session aware of these. Ultimately, it is your decision alone whether or not you are fit and able to run for each session.
  • If you have to stop mid-session, you must not go home without notifying one of the nominated session leaders.
  • Each runner accepts full and complete responsibility for their own actions. CRG and its members accept no responsibility for any injury, loss or damage that may arise as a result of your participation in CRG activities.
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for running must be worn. You should dress appropriately for the weather and for the lighting conditions e.g. reflective clothing.
  • If you conduct yourself in an unsafe, abusive or upsetting manner to other members of CRG or the public during a session then we reserve the right to ask you to leave a session and we may refuse to allow you to attend future sessions.
  • Photographs may be taken during sessions, to share on our social media pages. If you do not wish for this to happen or you would like any photographs that have been taken of you to be removed from our social media pages, then please notify us.